I cannot think of anyone better qualified to write this book than Benson, former pastor, successful Christian entrepreneur, and great man of faith: he is a living success story of this profound and comprehensive system. I have no doubt that this compelling book will transform your life.”

— Elayna Fernandez-Bare, The Positive MOM

"Claiming a 'Business System That Never Fails' is a pretty big promise. But surprisingly, Benson delivers on this promise. He gives you a proven system that is guaranteed to work for any type of business because it's based on God's Word. Do this and you'll not only do more with your business, but you'll find yourself on the adventure of your life."
— Terry Dean, Internet Lifestyle Coach | MyMarketingCoach.com
There are many business books that reveal "secret formulas" or systems for success. Benson teaches how to run your business following solid, biblical principles that will never fail. Just as God never changes, the blessings that come with following His principles never change. Don't take a chance on the latest fad, instead, apply these fail proof principles.
— Taylor Bare, CEO TaylorMade Web Presence
“Benson has just summarized all the business success principles in one sentence. Follow the teachings in his book and you will have all the success in the world. Fail to do it at your own peril. A must read for all Biblical Entrepreneurs and Kingdom Business Stewards. Great job my friend.”
— Patrice Tsague, Chief Servant Officer | Nehemiah Project International Ministries, Inc
"With all the hype out there in the "business" and "success" sections of your local book store, it is refreshing to find a new book that is built on timeless, but solid principles. Benson Agbortogo has captured these pearls of wisdom for you and communicates them in a clear, concise and entertaining way. We need more of these kinds of books!"
— Stephen Beck, CEO Family Ebiz
“Benson truly understands the integration of faith and work:  Biblically based with pragmatic life and business application. He is sensitive to achieving results and making impact in both dimensions.”

— Karen Hung, Chief Marketing Officer, Lands' End

"This book is a must read for anyone running a business or planning to run one. The ideas and principles shared are very effective, practical and applicable to any business. "

— Val T. Besong, Founder of Zeelfa.com & Cavegoat Classifieds

"This book is really worth reading, it will walk you through any fears or doubts of starting your own business."

— Ursula Mbene-Nollan, Founder of Jake Approved Dog Treats

"Truly captures the essence of Biblical Entrepreneurship. Full of wisdom and is a must have for anyone seeking to build a business on a solid foundation. Anointed work indeed! Thanks Benson."
— Aldreama Harper, Entrepreneur & Productivity Mentor
"There are books that are practical, and there are books that are deep. There are few books that are both. This is one of those books."
— Ray Edwards, Bestselling Author | World-Class Copywriter
“This system can get you out of poverty, mediocrity, and failure and take you into prosperity.”

— HE. Rev. Dr. Bokwey Burnley, CDKA

“Benson has taken the key foundational principles of successful small to fortune five hundred companies and outlined them in a practical, easy to understand, and applicable way. Internalize and apply these sacred truths to your life and watch your business materialize from a dream to a reality and grow, grow, grow!”

— Pastor Bojan Jancic, Senior Pastor, City Light Church, New York

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